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Monday, 17 September 2012

Review: LittleMizzKitty items.

So, while this IS a review I have to say this is my favourite seller on etsy. I honestly have nothing bad to say whatsoever. The jewellery I have purchased from this store is unique and yet affordable and it fits so well with the style I wear. I have a lot more than what I've photographed too, like inverted cross earrings and even more bows! I'm a little obsessed. So before anything else, I'll cut to the chase, if you're thinking about buying from this store then do it!You will certainly not regret buying from this seller.

Price: I don't want to seem like I'm favouring this store in any way, but giving her any less than a 5 for the price on her items would be unfair. These are all handmade and honestly she sells them for a very low price considering the great quality. On etsy I see a lot of people who sell similar things which are ridiculously high prices. I honestly do admire the fact that this store sells them for an affordable price, and even if the prices were raised in the future I'd probably still buy because the jewellery is lovely. 5/5

Quality:  For the price I've payed for everything, it's all really good quality. I've not had any problems at all really. The crocodile clip on the back of one of the bows came loose but that was an easy fix. The necklaces and earrings I have are perfect and have never had any problems, neither has the rest of my bows. Also they're very professionally done. Some of the etsy items I've purchased in the past have had glue marks or other imperfections on them, I have never had this problem with LittleMizzKitty's items! 4.8/5

Shipping:  It's been a little while since I purchased anything, but I remember that the packaging is always really cute. She included a little free gift with all of my purchases which was really sweet, and I remember one time I was even given some pastel bracelets which was amazing. I'm pretty sure it would have been sent to me first class because it arrived really quickly, so yeah, no complaints here! 5/5

So there you have it! A little review of my favourite etsy store. If you're into fairy kei or pastel goth this is a great store for you to look at so go take a look. Click me!

Saturday, 15 September 2012


This video messed up so bad because it was long! but oh well, here it is. Please take a look.

I'm going to start doing more reviews and starting my OOTD's soon. I promise!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My views on Pastel Goth.

What is Pastel Goth?

Pastel goth is a style which combines light pastels such as pink and lilac and contrasts them with black. The style is known to sport having pastel hair although you don't necessarily have to. Another signature part of this look is black lipstick, and often inverted crosses. Although none of these things have to be used within the style. The name is very controversial and has caused many debates and arguments. Is the style goth? I wouldn't really say so. In all honesty the style is a lot like Harajuku street style. Then again it does need a name, and the name "pastel goth" is relevant due to the fact it does have an at least semi gothic appearance. While pastel goth is just a fashion and does not follow the cultural traits of goth, it should not be condemned for being seen as a sub culture. As a follower of the style I don't believe, no matter what someone thinks about a fashion style, that it is cause for hate. I know that on tumblr a lot of pastel goths get hate sent to them for following the style, as far as people being told to kill themselves. This is inappropriate. There is also the fact that the pastel goth tag is always filled with negative posts which cause people to abandon the style and put down those who like it. If someone likes something, they should be allowed to do so happily. I am specifically disappointed in the people who are alternative that choose to hate,while you are entitled to your opinion if you've experienced what it's like to be alienated you really should not do the same to others. Moving on from that, it is debatable to whether the style is just a trend. Obviously a lot of those who latched on to the trend are doing it for followers, for the sake of it or just to gain attention by attempting to be "edgy." These are all corrupt reasons to try a style to be honest, of course if you like it you should do it, but if you do something for attention then that isn't really fair to those who genuinely like it. It gives the style a bad name. Another thing with this is that pastel goth is an underdeveloped style, it isn't really defined yet. You could search pastel goth and find what I like to call a "Spooky kei" outfit, which is quite bold look often including things like skeleton prints, kreepsville accessories and also wigs. Pastelbat is a good example of this. For me, that's what I see pastel goth as at heart. It makes a lot more sense to me to have it be a spookier style and thats how I like to wear it. On the other hand, there is the more sophisticated pastel goth which is often dyed pastel hair combined with black clothing  (often studded) and sometimes with accessories. Honestly, I don't like that as much, because it just looks a little bit awkward and harder to pull off. As for me as I said I remain to think that pastel goth should keep it's spooky edge rather than be hipsters with dyed pastel hair, but thats just my stance on it. That's why it's so hard to define this style to be honest, that's also why the future of the style seems sparse. I know that I will continue to wear it until I feel it doesn't suite me anymore, I've been searching for a while to find a style I feel comfortable in and this is really it. Although I do wear more than one style! I just find this one to be the best. As I said though it really is an undefined style. What people really just need to understand is, some people like this style and should be allowed to be happy with it. If you don't like it and think it's a fad, or if you think it's giving goth a bad name then just forget about it. Be happy with the thought that if it's a fad it will fade away in the future, and be secure with your own style.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Bodyline Rockinghorse Shoes Review!


Bodyline Studded Rockinghorse Shoes! 

I was tempted into buying these shoes after seeing them on tumblr multiple times. They're a lot different from the regular platforms I wear, but oddly they're more comfortable. It took me months to actually decide to purchase them, so if you're wondering if YOU should, then..

Simply put, yes, you should buy them. Why? Well, let me explain.

Price: At around £30 (just over $50) they're a bargain. I was expecting poorer quality than what I received but I was actually pleasantly surprised. Definitely great value for money. 
Overall rating: 5/5

Quality: They're sturdy and include handy fastenings underneath the ankle straps so you can simply clip on and off rather than having to undo them,plus the ankle straps are also removable. I love this part of the shoes as it is changeable in appearance. If you wanted these shoes for part time lolita you could buy some ribbon and make them into regular black rockinghorse shoes, and keep the other straps for whenever you may need them. Personally I'm keeping the studded straps on because I adore them, they really make my outfits complete. I was expecting the wood to dirty when worn but it's stayed clean, obviously best to avoid mucky places but they can definitely be worn for shopping or casual outings. They did scuff when first worn, just a white mark on the tip of the shoe is visible now, but can be covered with black shoe polish thankfully. In this case that is my only downfall with these shoes. For the price they are great quality. Overall rating: 4.5/5

Shipping: Be warned, Bodyline does not  always ship shoes in a box. When I got mine they were just wrapped in paper and had torn the bag. I'm lucky that nothing had fallen out, it would have if I wasn't careful. So this is something to be wary of. I'm not saying you would lose anything from your purchase, mine did arrive in tact, but it's certainly a bad move on their part to not box the shoes. Overall rating: 2

Despite the dodgy postage I do recommend these shoes. 
I have ordered from bodyline twice and both times got my items so no need to worry too much.
I was just upset by the fact the packaging was ripped. They really should box shoes.

If you're interested in these here is the item link:

                                   Also check out my video review :3 (and sub for more in the future!)